Applications of EVODROP Water as Drinking Water of Highest Quality. Antibacterial and Antiviral Effects of EVOhygiene Colloidal Silver and Cooper Nano Water

Fabio Huether, Ignat Ignatov, Nedyalka Valcheva, Georgi Gluhchev


Scientific evidence of Ignat Ignatov and Oleg Mosin show that in the mountain areas in Bulgaria, where the scientific and practical project “Nature, Ecology, Longevity” is held, one can meet 104 years old centenarians. In the field areas at a distance of only about 50-70 km, the oldest person is 97 years old. We have reasons to give these facts some thought. The difference is in the water, the air and the physical activity. In the mountains people drink water from springs. This water is “active”. When you drink water from the source itself, the water molecules are more dynamic and it is “tastier, more energy-filled and more alive”. In biophysics it is known that movement is life. Therefore, people who are active, live longer. They also feel the water more strongly, a water that is like an elixir even after the first sips from the spring. Everyone should ask themselves: “How can we have such water in our homes?” The research shows that tap water has low level of energy of hydrogen bonds among water molecules.

Keywords: EVOhygiene Colloidal Silver and Cooper, microbiological parameters, spectral analyses NES and DNES.

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