On 30th January 2021 Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics marks its 25th anniversary

Prof. Ignat Ignatov is including in World Heritage Encyclopedia (Thermosynthesis) as author of conception for origin of life in hot mineral water from 2010

Prevention of Antiviral Effects, COVID-19, Prof. Ignatov

Events and seminars: Days of Mountain Water, June 11, Teteven, Bulgaria;
For activities: http://www.medicalbiophysics.bg/en/activity.html

The Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB) is represented by Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov DSc.

The SRCMB carries out studies in the following directions – structure of water, origination of life and living matter, mountain water and longevity, high frequency color coronal discharge, nanotechnologies, astrobiology, biological effects in heavy water, entropy and time in living matter, visual analyzer, biophysical fields, biotechnologies, shungite, zeolite.

Scientific Board of SRCMB – Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov DSc (Director), Prof. Christos Drossinakis (Honorable Director), Lieselotte Eder (Deputy Director), Alexander Ignatov (manager), Dr. Igor Akszjonovics MD (Deputy Director), Prof. Stanislav Zenin, Dipl. Eng. Enrico Bauer, Dipl. Eng. Chavdar (Charlie) Stoyanov, Paul N. Kleindienst, Heide Trautwein (Deputy Director), Teodora Todorova (web designer), Tanya Metodieva, Polya Ivanova, Daniya Nachkova,  Verka Nikolova (Master in Mathematics), Svetla Damyanova (Master in Pharmacy), Gergana Genova, Maria Abazova (Bachelor in Medicine), Dipl. Eng. Erwin Lehki, Diana Slavcheva (Master in Pharmacy), Dipl. Eng. Tsolo Petkov, Dipl. Eng. Hristo and Silvia P. Deneva.

Vanga's Earth, Rupite, Bulgaria
Vanga's Earth, Rupite, Bulgaria

Zlatna Panega, Teteven, Bulgaria
Zlatna Panega, Teteven, Bulgaria
планински поток през пролетта
Prof. Ignatov photographed in the Swiss Alps a
mountain stream in spring. The color of the
water indicates how "sensitive" it is to
external influence. Why is water unique?
Why mountain water helps longevity?

Prof. Ignat Ignatov:
Which water is optimal for the origin (generation) of life? The Water is an informational medium for the biggest miracle in Nature. Why does mountain water help longevity?

Prof. Ignat Ignatov: Dr. Craig Venter has accomplished something significant in modern science. For the first time in the world a cell lives with the genome (the "bio computer") of another cell. Only Nature has created life to a cell level out of water, atoms and molecules from the environment.

colors of love
What are the colors of love?

What are the colors of love? The achievements of Bulgarian scientists on the topic of coronal bioelectrical glow have been published in one of the biggest Russian sites of popular science. The results were presented at the celebration of 90 years of Bulgarian photography, June, 2010.


Coronal image of mountain water, source Klindiovo, Teteven, Bulgaria (Dr. Ignatov©, 2011)
Kirlian image of
mountain water, source Klindiovo,
Teteven, Bulgaria
(Dr. Ignatov©, 2011)

In 2010 Prof. Ignatov succeeded in photographing the coronal glow of different types of water. These results as well as the spectral analysis bring us closer to the truth about what type of water has life originated in? In 2011 Prof. Ignatov considered time and entropy in living organisms as a continuation of what has happened in water during the origination of life. These considerations shine a different light on the self-organization theory of Nobel laureate Prof. Prigozhin.


Origin of Life and Living Matter in Hot Mineral Water, Prof. Ignat Ignatov
Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics
Prof. Ignat Ignatov©
With scientific achievements of: Dr. Oleg Mosin
Dr. David Ward, Prof. Tadashi Sugawara
Zoko films


Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics organized for the first time in the world “Days of Mountain Water” jointly with Teteven municipality. Research was carried out with the device of Prof. Anton Antonov© for spectral analysis of water according to his DNES© method. The methodic for Color Coronal Spectral Analysis© of Prof. Ignatov© was also applied. Prof. Ignatov is a member of the Public Council of the Bulgarian National Water Council. The Bulgarian scientist redefined „memory” of water as “informationability” and demonstrated why fundamental conclusions for the information properties of water cannot be made by homeopathic research. The informational properties of hot mineral water with more deuterium molecules are in the basic for the creation of first living structures (Prof. Ignatov, Dr. Mosin, 2010).


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