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Fields of Activities of the Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB) Sofia, Bulgaria

The Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB) is represented by Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov


Days of Mountain Water, June 9 to 11, Teteven, Bulgaria

Practical seminar with Prof. Dr. h.c. Christos Drossinakis and Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov DSc

Health, Prophylaxis, Energy, Longevity with practical exercises for biophysical harmonization and ability to participate in water spectral analysis and water memory analysis from the 27th to the 29th of September 2019


Bettina Maria Haller, Prof. Christos Drossinakis,
Prof. Ignat Ignatov, Lieselotte Eder,
World Congress of Immunology, London, 2019

Location: Austria, Marchegg
Managers: Bettina Maria Haller and Alexander Ignatov
Assistances of Prof. Ignatov: Lieselotte Eder and Heide Trautwein Language: English and German

Seminar topics:

The simple and humorous mediated scientific foundations and findings from the bioenergetic basic research serve to better understand the practical application and prophylaxis.
In individual and partner exercises, the perception and intensity of the heat flow (bioelectricity) as the key to the information sent by the body is increased. Thereafter, participants will be able to control their own energy, transfer it to others, and positively influence their health and longevity. The seminar is aimed at health-conscious people without special education, as well as to non-medical practitioners, therapists and doctors.

Prof. Christos Drossinakis
Prof. Drossinakis is eminent healer with phenomenal results with different diseases, research of his bio abilities in more than 100 institutes, practice with more than 300 students in International Akademie für Wissenschaftliche Geistheilung

Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov
Prof. Ignatov is specialist in biophysics, nano- and biotechnologies, astrobiology, biochemistry, biology and medicine, biophysics. He is author of two biophysical measuring methods: for color coronal spectral analysis and spectral analysis of water. The Bulgarian scientist is author of over 400 scientific publications, editor-in-chief of two US journals, editor of two European journals, European magazines, textbook author.

Bettina Maria Haller (IAWG):
Prof. Ignat Ignatov (SRCMB):
Alexander Ignatov (SRCMB):

Seminar time:
Sept. 27 to Sept. 29 2019
9:30-11:00 Prof. Drossinakis
11:00-11:15 coffee break
11:15-12:30 Prof. Ignatov
12:30-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-17:00 Prof.Ignatov
16:00-16:15 coffee break
17:00-18:00 healing session Prof. Drossinakis

Presentation for electrochemically water Catholyte from device Kangen will make Gergana Genova:
Registration: until September 20, 2019
There will be a registration confirmation via e-mail with order form.

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Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB)