Color Coronal Spectral Analysis of Bioelectrical Effects of Humans and Water

Ignat Ignatov, Anton Antonov, Nikolai Neshev, Hugo Niggli, Chavdar Stoyanov, Christos Drossinakis


Color coronal discharge spectral analysis was performed on electrophotographs taken from thumbs of experimental subjects. Coronal discharge was produced by pulses of 15 kHz alternating voltage with 15 kV amplitude applied to a transparent Hostaphan electrode. Statistically significant relation was found between characteristics of photographed discharges and health status of experimental subjects. An energy threshold of photon emission was defined as 2.54 eV. Greater values corresponded to normal bioelectrical status. In some cases, values greater than 2.90 eV were measured. They were generally connected with practice of yoga, sports, etc. Values less than 2.53 eV were typical for experimental subjects with reduced bioelectric activity.

Keywords: Color Coronal Spectral Analysis, biological objects, water drops

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