Antiviral Effects of Water Catholyte, Oxidal with Methylene Blue and Colloidal Silver. Possible Mechanism of Influence over Coronavirus SARSr-CoV and SARSr-CoV-2 with Disease COVID-19


he present paper study with the life history and the morphology of the new cephaline gregarines from Periplaneta americana. The parasite has been assigned a new species Steinina blattidaensis. sp. nov. has been described as the type of the genus Léger and Dubscq (1904). The parasite has the following ratios: LP: TL=1:7.5; WP: WD=1:1.4. The present percentages of infection in the mid-gut of the parasite were 21 out of 50 (42%). A new specie Steinina blattidaensis. sp. nov has been created according to the (Order: Blattidae). The morphological details of the parasite of different stages supported with photomicrographs are also provided.

Keywords: Steinina blattidaensis. sp. nov., Periplaneta americana, Morphology, Cephaline gregarines

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