Popova, T. P., Ignatov, I.,Valcheva, N., Ignatov, A. I. (2022) Research of Zeolite and Zeolite Water from Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria, Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society Section A: Chemistry, Vol. 9, No. 3, pp. 901-908. (PDF)

Zeolite Water Sevtopolis

Prof. Ignat Ignatov

Prof. Ignat Ignatov,
Zeolite mushrooms, Beli Plast,
photo: Alexander Ignatov

"The author of the following article is a professor, a general manager and an owner of a Research centre for medical biophysics. His mainstream scientific interest is research and examination of drinking water. The Bulgarian scientist is editor in chief of two American scientific magazines – Journal of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics and Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing. He is also a part of the editorial team of the European Journal of Medicine – International bilingual scientific Journal and European Journal of Molecular Biotechnology.
He is also the author of the idea that life was born in hot mineral water, such as the water in the Rupite. He is an author of more than 400 scientific publications concerning the structure of water, birth of life, organized matter, mountain water, longevity, high fr,, nanotechnologies, astrobiology, biological effects in the heavy water, entropy and time in the organized matter, visual spectre, biological fields, biotechnologies, zeolite. In 2010 professor Ignatov together with Teteven municipality organises “Days of the mountain water” for the first time in the world."

The secret of longevity

"When I met Mr Hristomil Rahmanliev in Kazanlak for the first time I was quite impressed with the story he shared with me regarding the beginning of his production of zeolite water. He told me that his personal experience a few years ago inspired him to begin his work in the area. Doctor GenadiGantchev, who is an expert in the area of minerals and dieting, told him that when he was responsible for the caring of “Red Holstein” dairy cows he had a serious issue concerning a hoof disease. After a series of tests and experiments, he found out that the reason for this disease is chronic osteomalacia. After the diagnosis was confirmed a special diet was created and a new way of feeding was introduced in order to reduce the negative effects of the disease. The problem with high-quality dairy cows is that the usage of concentrated fodder is dangerous and creates preconditions for metabolic acidosis, ketosis of the liver and hence many diseases connected to the destruction of the alkaline-acidic balance develop as a consequence.

As a result, the team created a special scheme for curing which included as a main ingredient zeolite. The zeolite which they added to their daily food reduced the release of gases when the cows consumed proteins, eased the work of the liver, normalised the metabolic process, stabilised and kept the optimal levels of the alkaline-acidic balance.

Six months after the beginning of the diet control tests were performed. All of the previously observed parameters were according to the norm. Also, for the period of six months, all of the visible clinical signs were reduced. For the period of two years of balanced feeding with highly concentrated fodder for first quality dairy cows supplemented with zeolite in prophylactic doses, the herd was cured. Special graphics showing the dairying and reproduction of the cows demonstrated the significant raise after the passing of the first 6 months and full recovery after the second year.”

It has been famous for years that the Rhodope Mountain is the place where the most centenarians were born. The research of the Nobel laureate Professor Ilya Mechnikov shows that part of the secret is hidden in the LactobaceriumBulgarium in the Bulgarian yoghurt. In the last years, the impact of water on human health and longevity has been as popular as ever. The fact that water which has passed through zeolite filtration has a key role in this process is claimed in different sources. In my own researches in the area of health and longevity, I have proven that high-quality mountain water adds up to seven years to humans’ life. The heredity has a 40% role while the normal weight, quality dieting and different activities are essential.

I am really impressed by the dependency between the inflammatory processes and the vital tone and accordingly the risk of serious illnesses – Alzheimer, Parkinson, arthritis, etc. Studies show that adults who have lower levels of Zinc suffer from inflammation processes. But when it comes to healthy people with longer life the levels of Zinc are according to the norm. The right prophylaxis process makes it possible for many people to be healthier and more useful to themselves and to their relatives. Another popular topic is antioxidants. These are the molecules which catch the free radicals that are a health hazard. According to my college doctor Aubrey de Grey, who was a lector together with me during the Longevity Forum of the Credo Bonum Foundation if a person neutralises the action of the free radicals he would add years to his life.

Different proofs show that the zeolite mineral raises the levels of antioxidant enzymes (Dogliotti and authors, 2011) and suppress the development of tumour cells at the molecular level (Ignatov, Mosin, 2012). The zeolite mineral is microporous aluminosilicate mineral which is composed of AlO4 and SiO4 and has ions of calcium (Ca) and sodium (Na). The water solutions of the zeolite have ion-exchange which is connected to its property to clear toxins. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. The organism can clear its toxins with zeolite by making a cationic exchange with Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium.

The analyses of the table and spring mountain water “Sevtopolis” filtered with zeolite mineral prove its unique anti-inflammatory properties on a molecular level (Ignatov, 2016). This is a chance for many people to feel the effect on their health. There are many practical examples and scientific proofs for the benefits of the usage of water filtered with zeolite mineral for pets. It is impressing that the composition of water “Sevtopolis” has an optimal amount of good ions – Calcium (Ca) – 52.1, Magnesium (Mg) – 42.3, Sodium (Na) – 7.3 mg/l. It also contains useful for the implicit antioxidant activity Zink (Zn) and Mangan (Mn) ions (Ignatov, Mosin, 2014). The water is not too rich of ions so that the counter-effect of calcification of blood vessels is prevented. This balance is extremely rare and it also has an effect on the neurological system. It is a well-known fact the acidic environment activates the tumour cells. The alkaline acidic balance is normal for water “Sevtopolis”. All of the aforementioned benefits turn zeolite water “Sevtopolis” into a priceless gift for every person.