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Prof. Ignat Ignatov

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Lalka and Paul Tsvetanov
from Teteven, Bulgaria are 97 old
and they are biological miracle

In 2010 I created the concept for origin of life in hot mineral water. The idea came from a hot mineral spring when I asked myself – where the living cell can get energy from all the time, even if there is no energy from the sun? More than milliard of years were needed for the living cell to be transformed to a multicellular organism. I always imagine the processes in the biophysics and model them with the imaginative power of the language of science. I did feel rather clearly what miracle the life is, and how uniquely it was created by the Nature and how we should preserve it. It all starts at molecular level and it is logical to strive for preserving our health at molecular and cellular level. The energy is all part of these processes. Humans are naturally inclined to do things that visibly bring them comfort, or they are mandatory. They look after their house, car, clothes or office. They accumulate money, but have difficulties seeing their own future that is connected mostly with their health and life. Most often men think they will have no health problems whatsoever, or they would rather not want to have any. There is no way for us to see what happens at molecular or cellular level in our body. That is why most often we wait and delay the decisions regarding our health. When the bad processes start prevailing over the positive ones we become aware of not being well, and start treating the consequences. In such a way we most often get the diseases to chronification. It only takes a little bit for our body to stay balanced for many years ahead. In the modern world there are more toxins, the air is not so clean, we are less physically active, and the food is with a lower quality than during the time of our predecessors. The human body is surprisingly resilient and insusceptible to poisons. If we give some fruit to a rabbit that is full of nitrates, it might not eat it. However we eat it and add the next portion of toxins and free radicals. It is easier for us to get our body more acidic than to alkalize it. The acidic medium is a heaven for tumour cells. Where is the solution? Many people already use electrochemically obtained water such as Catholyte, which is alkaline and has antioxidant properties.
A glass of fizzy drink will be neutralized with 32 glasses of strongly alkaline water. This only shows how even some sort of everyday liquid is a real test for our health. The quality water can add up to 7 years of life. The health is complex, and it needs a complex approach. The path to longevity is a balance from different factors.
Research shows that decreased amounts of zinc and magnesium lead to inflammations. The inflammations are the shortcut to ageing, and it is inevitable. Vita intense of LavaVitae is a product that strikes straight to the point. It is in liquid form, all natural from Alpine herbs. That’s why it can be absorbed to a maximum extent from the organism. It has a clear anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. The vitamins and minerals ensure vitality that is felt quickly. The ageing processes are slowed down. Our sensations can lead us in our path to health. Tiredness, heavy head in the morning, worsened life vigour – these are all symptoms of toxins. How can get them out of our body? A man can even improve his/her eyesight with shungite and zeolite just by releasing the toxins. These nanomaterials clear toxins 30 times more than an activated carbon. There is mountain Zeolite water in Bulgaria called Sevtopolis. After cleansing, the balance is supported with probiotics. It all looks easily achievable and its applications just after a few weeks can create miracles, and when we forget the fatigue and depression, when we don’t feel the inflammations, we really understand the miracle has happened. We give additional years of life to ourselves, and this gives happiness and joy to the people we love. We can even lower our intake of coffee and other energy drinks, as Boost of LavaVitae gives you a vital power and the same effects as the coffee from the nature.
A four generation study from Harvard University shows how a person is happiest from the social connections. The meaning to live for your closest ones, for your children and for the person you love, can give you a vital energy of living. Many people cannot see any meaning of life when they are not healthy. It is also described in literature how for two people in the same clinic, with the same type of serious illness, what matters most for the duration of their life is the attitude of their loved ones. The mind gives you the balance, the harmony in mentality and the health that everybody is striving to achieve, in order to be and feel well. The author is a lecturer at seminars for health, longevity and practical bio harmonizing.
The health is our gift from Nature and we can preserve it.
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