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Days of Mountain Water and Healing Tourism

Teteven, Bulgaria - June 11, 2010 - 2017

under the aegis of:

Scientific and Research Center of Medical Biophysics
Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov

Mayor of the town of Teteven
Nikolai Pavlov (2007-2011), Dr. Madlena Boydzhieva (2015-)

Days of Mountain Water and Healing Tourism 2012 Teteven, Bulgaria
Water and Longevity, Prof. Ignatov, Dr. Mosin
Teteven, Bulgaria, Days of Mountain Water and Healing Tourism
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Kirlian image of mountain water, source Klindiovo, Teteven, Bulgaria (Dr. Ignatov©, 2011)
Kirlian image of
mountain water, source Klindiovo,
Teteven, Bulgaria
(Dr. Ignatov©, 2011)

Teteven was declared the greenest town in Bulgaria in 2008.
According to the ranking for the "Best town in Bulgaria" on Darik radio, and newspaper "24 hours".

“Had I not come to Teteven, I would have remained a foreigner to mother Bulgaria…”
Ivan Vazov. Patriarch of Bulgarian literature.

Municipality of Teteven To Prof. Ignat Ignatov REGARDING: Days of Mountain Water and Healing Tourism …

Municipality of Teteven

To Dr. Ignat Ignatov

Head of Scientific and Research Centre of Medical Biophysics

REGARDING: Days of Mountain Water and Healing Tourism – Teteven, 11.06.2010

Dear Prof. Ignatov,

Thank You for the opportunity to present the magnificent natural wealth of Teteven municipality, one of which is indisputably the pure mountain water.

For us, the Days of Mountain Water and Healing Tourism will be yet another useful opportunity to popularize Teteven municipality as a desired tourist destination in Bulgaria as well as abroad.

It is with greatest pleasure that we accept the opportunity to organize Days of Mountain Water on June 11, 2010, and we hope that they will become an annual event in the future.

Mayor of Teteven municipality
Nikolay Pavlov

Водопада в Тетевен
Waterfall in Teteven.
Photo: Alexander Ignatov


The beginning was launched in early 2000 with a research project of Prof. Alexander Dubrov (Russia) and Dr. Ignat Ignatov. The project manager was Verka Nikolova. The presence of geo zones with radiation that is useful to human health was proven with the cooperation of the municipalities of Teteven and Troyan. The media popularity of the results was extraordinary.

In 2010 and 2011, Dr. Ignat Ignatov and assistant Verka Nikolova are holding a competition in the sphere of natural sciences at the “Georgi Benkovski” high school in Teteven. The competition is under the aegis of the Headmaster of the school Marinela Markova.

The winner Vera Tsvetkova participated in an international medical congress EUROMEDICA, European Academy of Natural Sciences, Hanover, 2011

Members and guests of the Research Centre of Medical Biophysics use the services of “Teteven” hotel.

The official carrier is “Aliosha Ognyanov” company. +359 888 488 903.

“Nature” magazine, indicates that there is new data for the occurrence of vegetation 1.5 billion years ago. A feeling for the first species of vegetation you can sense at the waterfall in Teteven. “Informationability” of Water and Origin of Living Matter

Second part of the conference Man and Nature Munich, Germany October 2007
Second part of the conference
"Man and Nature"Munich, Germany 2007.


In October 2007 the second part of the conference "Man and Nature" was held in Munich, Germany, Institute of Creative Healing with director Aryan Khoshbonyani.

There was a presentation of the book of Dr. Ignat Ignatov

“Energy Biomedicine” in German. The report of Dr. Ignat Ignatov and Verka Nikolova “Healing Tourism - Dream or Reality. Mountain water – “Force” for Life” aroused extraordinary interest.

At the photograph bottom right is the editor of the largest Bulgarian popular science magazine "Eight" Ganeta Sagova.

Healing Tourism – Dream or Reality. Mountain Water – “Force” for Life

Dr. Ignat Ignatov, Verka Nikolova – Master in Mathematics

Our modern times are characterized by an increased interest towards non-medication treatment. For this reason eco tourism and utilization of natural factors are at the center of attention with regard to healthy lifestyle.

The question for the development of healing tourism in the Teteven and the Troyan municipality and the place of the Scientific and Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB) has been engaging us for years. Under this term we understand the combination of phytotherapy, homeopathy, biotherapy, Reiki influence, prayers, etc., together with the traditional forms of tourism by foot, horse riding, bicycle riding, swimming, spa, etc.

The two municipalities are located in the Lovech district at the foot of the Central Balkans. The topography is mountainous and semi-mountainous – from 340 m to 2200 m above sea level. The climate is transitional – from mild continental to mountainous with a combination of a rainy spring, a warm summer, a sunny autumn and a warm, snowy winter.

There are four plant and animal reserves in the Central Balkans – “Steneto”, “Kozya Stena”, “Tzarichina” and “Boatin”. The forests are mainly ash, sycamore, oak, poplar, beech. At a height of over 1500 m there are coniferous species as well. The famous old-mountain edelweiss grows in the “Kozya Stena” reserve. The Teteven and the Troyan region are renowned with their large variety of wild-growing herbs, which allows the successful application of phytotherapy in all kinds of diseases. In Troyan there is a Scientific Institute of Mountain Animal Husbandry and Agriculture with a “Healing and Medicinal Plants” department. There are wonderful conditions for fishing, swimming and sunbathing along the Vit river, which passes through Teteven. Same refers to the Osam river. There are mineral springs in the Troyan municipality. In the village of Chiflick the water comes out with a temperature of 50 degrees. It is proven that this water has a healing effect on illnesses of the locomotive apparatus, cardiovascular and kidney diseases, infertility, etc. From our practice we can say that the water is very good for the treatment of tendovaginitis, polyneuritis, gout, and gives valuable results in post-traumatic cases, especially exercising extremities. Another spa resort is Shipkovo village. The water from the different drillings has different qualities. It is pure mountainous with a pleasant taste and table-mineral. Effective for eye, neurological, intestinal, liver diseases and rheumatism.

Teteven is surrounded by the beautiful peaks Petrahilya (Petrahelios or Sun Stone), Cherven, Treskavetz, Ostrich, etc. No wonder that upon his first visit here, the patriarch of Bulgarian literature, Vasov, wrote: “Had I not come to Teteven, I would have been a foreigner to mother Bulgaria. Your region is filled with so many charms that I am astonished! I have been to Switzerland, to other countries in Europe, I have traveled across Bulgaria, but I haven’t seen a more miraculous place than this.” A special attention should be paid to the historical, cultural and architectural monuments in Teteven and its vicinities. These are the “Vseh Svetih” church, the “Sveti Iliya” and the “Glojenski” monasteries, the “Hadzhistanev” house, the “Bobevski” house.

After tests of the energy radiation in the Bobevski house effected by Dr. Ignatov, head of SRCMB – Sofia, it turned out that it is not only an architectural and historical monument, but an energy center as well. The energy radiation has unique parameters of a stimulating effect. This was also noted during the visit of Prof. Dubrov and also by Khoschbonyani, head of the Creative Healing Institute in Munich, Germany. These tests prove that the Bobevski house is built over a healing zone and can be included into the healing tourism program. The Teteven region is especially suitable for tourism and recreation of people with pulmonary diseases. Same refers to people with a chronic fatigue syndrome. A proof for this is the founding of a school for children with pulmonary diseases. In the regional hospital in Teteven a small chapel has been built in the name of Saint Panteleymon where the ailing can pray for their healing.

Close to the Balkanetz village, Troyan region, there is a horse base, which offers riding to tourists. Children with cerebral palsy, locomotive problems, autism and epilepsy are treated there.

Together with Prof. Dubrov, SRCMB’s team inspected the region of Beklemeto, Troyan, proving that there are radiations of very good parameters and a strongly expressed relaxing effect. This information is popularized by the national and local media. The interest towards such places is increasing.

During winter, there is a tow-lift, ski-track and a ski-school at the Beklemeto. This sport is also well developed at the “Vezhen”, “Benkovski” and “Vassiliov” huts near Teteven.

It is apparent that both municipalities offer conditions and infrastructure for the creation and development of healing tourism. With regard to personnel, we believe that at the SRCMB there are plenty of established and qualified specialists who can be included in work groups for healing tourism. Foreign colleagues can also take part. All these preconditions, combined with “positive” radiations from the earth crust make the region a year-round preferred tourist spot.

World Water Day
22 March 2015 World Water Day, Teteven, Lovech.
Under the aegis of the regional governor Dr. Madlena Boyadzhieva.
Of the photography - Dragomir Kavalski - Deputy a regional governor
Eng. Nako Nakov - Chairman of the Municipal Council, Teteven,
Prof. Ignat Ignatov, participants from Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Turkey.

Municipality Teteven, 2010 Teteven 2010, Flags under Petrahelios, Sun Stone, Bulgaria
Teteven, 2010, Municipality of Teteven and flags under Petrahelios, Sun Stone, Bulgaria