Ass. Prof. Oleg Mosin (1966-2016) - Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB)

Assoc. Prof. Oleg Mosin (1966-2016)

Oleg Mosin
Assoc. Prof. Oleg Mosin

Russian researcher of water, biochemist, PhD in Chemistry (1996), associate professor. Assoc. Prof. Mosin is holder of award for 1995 for science from the President of the Russian Federation. His areas of research interests include studying the structure of heavy and protic water, the storage and transmission of information in water, effects of different influences on water, cleansing water from heavier isotopes such as deuterium and oxygen-18, activation of water with natural minerals (shungite, zeolite), biotechnologies of isotopically-labeled compounds, practical application of microbial objects for the preparation of 2H-, 13C- and 15N- labeled compounds: polypeptides, deoxyribonucleic acids, amino acids and fatty acids, sugars. The Russian scientist also studied the cellular metabolism of stable isotopes and functionally active isotope-labeled compounds in artificial environments with high content of stable isotopes, genetic and physiological mechanisms of biological adaptation to heavy water and isotope effects of deuterium in biological systems, molecular evolution and ecology. According to research data, Mosin has about 300 scientific articles, monographs and patents. He has joint research on the structure of water, longevity and formation of life in hot mineral water with prof. Ignat Ignatov, director of the Scientific and Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB). Laureate of a Presidential Award in 1995 and the Prize of prof. Marin Marinov (Bulgaria) (2010), a member of the Japanese Society of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biosciences. Included in the encyclopedia of famous personalities of Russia.

Oleg Mosin
Oleg Mosin Oleg Mosin
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Oleg Mosin
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