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Prof. Christos Drossinakis. IAWG-International Academy for Sceintific Healing (IAWG-Internationale Akademie für Wissenschaftliche Geistheilung)

prof. Christos Drossinakis

Develop your potential for spiritual healing in the International Academy for Scientific healing (IAWG).

Learn methods that were able to help thousands of severely ill people for the last 30 years, and get recognition from doctors and scientists. I will accompany you in your path. Your progress will be controlled from the best researchers using scientific methods that would be able to show your abilities based on results. Your successful completion will be acknowledged with a “Certified healer IAWG”, and will be confirmed with a document. I will be more than happy to recognize your mission for healing.


Prof. Drossinakis, IAWG – Course proposal

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Prof. Ignat Ignatov,
Prof. Christos Drossinakis

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Preparation days

For IAWG - graduates we offer “Preparation days”.

The exceptionally talented graduates can continue their education as IAWG-Associate Professors. There is a separate enrollment for these training sessions. Please, use our contact form or send us an e-mail.

Scientific control

Prof. Christos Drossinakis has taken part in 110 studies as he has shown extraordinary abilities of a healer from the beginning of 1990s ( Tests and experiments). Forty of the experiments are confidential. He has met with leading world scientists in the field of energy biomedicine. These contacts prove to be very useful for his students. World-renowned scientists visit the Institute of Drossinakis in Frankfurt. They apply new methods of measurement, so the achievements of the students during their course of studies can be monitored. The results are assessed individually, and each participant receives a written document.

The invited scientists are dismayed by the high percentage of Drossinakis’s students, who can achieve exceptional biophysical effects only after a few months of training.

Color bioelectrical glow of the right
thumb of Prof. Christos Drossinakis
(author: Prof. Ignat Ignatov)


In the courses of Prof. Drossinakis are applied the following research methods:

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