Scientific Department

Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov - Director

1. Club and freely selectable subject - Medical Biophysics

Georgi Benkovski Secondary School - Teteven, Bulgaria (2008-2012)

The history of the Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics

2. Bioinformation exchange * - course

Participants in Dr. Ignatov's course in Frankfurt, Germany.
Participants in Dr. Ignatov's course
in Frankfurt, Germany. 2 row:
Glosauer, eng. Preiss, Hugo,
Dr. Ignatov, eng. Binder-Bondarescu,
Eder and Reinhart 1 row: Gabriel,
Seidler, von Arks, Rachow,
Cecil and Hans Strauss

Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov was a consultant to Prof. DSc Miroslav Popov, Director of the National Center for Public Health (NHIF), Ministry of Health until 2003. The Bulgarian scientist participates in scientific projects for the study of biophysical and medical effects in application of alternative methodologies for influencing human health. There is a Health Law in Bulgaria that allows the practice of unconventional (alternative) methodologies. Training is also being done.

3. Seminars and lectures on topics and programs coordinated with scientific centers and institutes

Scientific projects

* (Level I - 15 lectures, 3 days)
(Level II - 15 lectures, 3 days)

The participants were trained in the Drosinakis methodology.©.

Eng. Drosinakis, Rashouw, Prof Ignatov
Eng. Drosinakis, Rashow, Prof. Ignatov

Dear Dr. Ignatov,
Thank you very much for these scientific results.
I'm a happy person ... You helped me find my abilities, trust them.
I want to thank you for your wonderful research and for the answers that I am capable of helping people.
I am interested in participating in your research and course in Frankfurt in February 2009.

- Yours Carsten Rachow, October, 2008.

Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov © and Dr. Irena Ivanova © present a brief anatomy and physiology of the human The information is logically structured for anyone with a background in alternative medicine.