High-frequency Coronal Discharge, Infrared Thermography and Visual Acuity Measurements of Bioelectromagnetic Influence

Ignat Ignatov, Anton Antonov, Nikolai Neshev, Hugo Niggli, Chavdar Stoyanov, Christos Drossinakis


Bioelectromagnetic influence on the eyes of a group of 336 subjects with various vision disorders: amblyopia, myopia and hypermetropia were investigated with high-frequency black-white and color coronal discharge, infrared thermography and visual acuity measurements. The authors have performed registration of the biggest part of electromagnetic fields – infrared and electric fields. Positive correlation with r=0.55-0.65 at a level of significance of p<0.01 was found between the temperature change (connected with vasodilation) in the influenced areas and the average change of visual acuity (visus). In the cases without correction, Student’s t-test of visus values for both eyes before and after bioelectromagnetic influence lead to t=6.0-6.7 at significance level p<0.001 and average increase of 14.5%. In the cases of refraction amblyopia, for the difference in both eyes with correction,t was equal to 6.7-7.1 at significance level p<0.001 and the average visus was increased and was 25.5%. Concerning the correlation between the temperature difference and the effective width of the high-frequency corona discharge, it was found that r=6.0-6.7 at significance level p<0.001.The dependence of the bio effect on the stage of the vision disorder (light, medium, heavy) was investigated. A distinct regularity was found with a coefficient of correlation r ranging from 0,35 to 0,45 at significance level p<0,001 that the influence efficiency was highest in light disorders and lowest in heavy disorders. Single-factor dispersion analysis was performed concerning age-related dependence of the healing effect in cases of visual disorders. For the three groups: 4-10, 11-21 and 22-49 years of age, we found that F=4,4-4,6 at significance level p<0.01 corresponding to higher healing results at younger ages.

Keywords: High-frequency coronal discharge; infrared thermography; visual acuity; vision disorders; bio electromagnetic influence.

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