Anti Inflammatory and Anti Viral Effects of Potassium (K) and Chemical Composition of Moringa

Ignat Ignatov


Moringa grows in parts of Africa and Asia and is a flowering plant from herb to tree. There are 13 types of Moringa. It is growing in the Himalayas in northwestern India. In Africa, it grows in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Ghana, Nigeria and more. For capsules, leaves and roots are used. Oil is used for nuts.
Moringa in the research was from Thailand. The colors of flowers were white and yellow.
Moringa is characterized by high levels of potassium (K). Patients with COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus have a decrease in potassium levels in the body.
In 2017, the author makes a spectral analysis of Moringa oil (Ignatov, 2017). The analysis justifies the application of Moringa for coronaviruses.
The great advantage of Moringa is that potassium and the chemical compounds are in organic form and are well absorbed by the body.

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