Biological Effects of Christos Drossinakis on Model Bio Systems with Cancer Cells

Ignat Ignatov, Christos Drossinakis


The research is co-written with Prof. RenetaToshkova, Ass. Prof. Elissaveta Zvetkova и Ass. Prof. GeorgiGluhchev. In over 80 institutes and centers in Europe has been proved the strong bio-influence of Drossinakis via the application of the methods biophotons (Popp), thermovision (Schlebusch), spectrum analysis of water (Antonov, Ignatov), color coronal spectral analysis (Ignatov), gas discharge visualization (Korotkov), synchronizing of brain electromagnetic waves (Li Gendinovich) etc. Drossinakis has achieved the following results according the norm –biophoton emission (Popp) (~900 biophotons 1 cm2/1s), (norm~85 photones, 1 cm2/1s); increasing of the temperature after bioinfluence (Schlebusch) (1.6-1.8°С) (norm 0.1°С); average energy of hydrogen bonds among water molecules according control sample (Antonov, Ignatov) (±8.2meV) (±1.1 meV) etc.

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