Dr. Igor Akszjonovics MD – author of the unique biogenerator ABIEM

Methods for Research of Effects of Device ABIEM. Applications

Igor Akszjonovics, Ignat Ignatov



This paper presents the results of evaluation of possible biophysical methods and approaches for registering of various non-ionizing radiation (NIR) wave types of the human body in the electromagnetic range after the influence of device ABIEM (Akszjonovics, 2006). Many types of NIR (electromagnetic waves, infrared radiation, thermo radiation, bioluminescence) emitted from the human body were reviewed. In particular the results on of spontaneous biophoton emission and delayed luminescence from the human body are submitted along with infrared thermography (IRT) results. It was shown that 1 cm2 of skin generally emits ~85 photones for 1s. The intensity of biophoton emission ranges from 10−19 to 10−16 W/cm2 (approx. ~1–1000 photons.cm-2.s -1). The specific photon emission from part of the human thumb was detected as a spectrum of various colors after influence of ABIEM with the method of Color coronal spectral analysis (Ignatov, 2007) on a device with an electrode made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET hostafan) with applied electric voltage 15 kV, electric impulse duration 10 µ s, and electric current frequency 15 kHz. It was established that photons corresponding to a red color emission of visible electromagnetic spectrum have energy at 1.82 еV. The orange color of visible electromagnetic spectrum has energy at 2.05, yellow – 2.14, blue-green (cyan) – 2.43, blue – 2.64, and violet – 3.03 eV. The reliable result measurement norm was at E ≥ 2.53 eV, while the spectral range of the emission was within 380– 495 nm and 570–750 nm±5 nm. Also were estimated some important physical characteristics (energy of hydrogen bonds, wetting angle, surface tension) of water by the methods of nonequilibrium energy (NES) and differential non-equilibrium energy (DNES) spectrum of water (Antonov, 1990; Ignatov, 1998), that helps understand in general how electromagnetic radiation interacts with water and establish the structural characteristics of water.

Keywords: ABIEM, electromagnetic waves, infrared thermal radiation, color coronal spectral analysis, NES, DNES.

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