Methods For Registering Non-Ionizing Radiation Emitted From The Human Body

Ignat Ignatov, Oleg Mosin, Hugo Niggli, Christos Drossinakis, Georg Tyminski


This paper presents the results of evaluation of possible biophysical methods and approaches for registering of various non-ionizing radiation (NIR) wave types of the human body in the optic and electromagnetic range. Various types of NIR (electromagnetic waves, infrared radiation, thermo radiation, bioluminiscence) emitted from the human body were reviewed. In particular the results on of spontaneous biophoton emission and delayed luminescence from the human body are submitted along with infrared thermography (IRT) results. It was shown that 1 cm2 of skin generally emits 85 photons for 1 s.

Keywords: electromagnetic waves; thermo-infrared radiation; bioluminescence; colour coronal spectral analysis; NES; DNES

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