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Anne Huebner and Tanja Aeckersberg

Teddy Todorova
Anne Huebner, Tanja Aeckersberg

We, Anne and Tanja, were led to energetic bioinfluence by our own suffering.

The complex “school of life” led us to our realization of thriving. As time came, we found each other to follow our destiny!

It was worth suffering for a long time, and, therefore, I am finally able to experience this divine grace!

The power of love led us from the dark side of life into the light and from ignorance to knowledge!

In universal knowledge and consciousness, we can perform "divine miracles" as mediators of the energetic hierarchies. This power is omnipresent, omniscient and all-powerful manifested within the two of us. It knows how to serve for the benefit of people and what it has to achieve. The power is of divine origin and works within the soul of the human being, in the physical body, and beyond in the environment. It arranges, harmonizes, directs to the best, and heals as far as people are open and receptive to advise and help.

As soon as the mind of someone has experienced the Divine Order: ,,The suffering body can be restored to order”. This healing aid, unprecedented in its precision, only happens because of supreme will. Anyone who wants to grasp the process of straightening the body -without being physically touched- will never find a satisfying answer! The Divine Straightening is impossible to describe. It can´t be defined because it is not definable! It is all about the acceptance of the spiritual powers that are inherent in every human being and their tireless endeavor to maintain health forever. Therefore, there is no limit to healing. You do not have to ask: "Which disease or what symptoms is it the cure for?” The Divine Straightening always cures in any case -even in urgent and difficult cases, miracles are possible! At no time in human history has there been such a precise manifestation of the energetic powers of the Divine Spirit.

All of our students, as so-called “wonder workers,” are in the power of the universal spirit.

Spiritual Spinal Alignment has the ability to resolve the causes of mental-spiritual conflicts, which are visible in physical abnormalities (crooked and twisted), within seconds - without touching the body! By doing this, the pelvis is straightened, the legs shift into equal length, shoulders and shoulder blades align by adapting to the energy of the "New Order", in fact, the entire spine straightens up. Depending on the degree of consternation, even the most severe scoliosis gradually regresses, even if they are already ossified. and shoulders and shoulder blades align by adapting to the energy of the "New Order"; in fact.

This energetic bioinfluence, visible after one single treatment, is essential for treating any trouble! Since this is a divine gift and there is no skeletal manipulation, magic, or hypnosis, no technique or method devised by humans, I can assume that the pelvic straightening is a permanent result. Confirmations from thousands of people over decades prove this fact!

The sooner the Divine Alignment occurs, the better one can rule out later disturbances, which also present as organ diseases. Therefore, we already straighten embryos in the womb and children from the first week of their life to spare them future suffering. We also treat adults up to an old age. It is never too late for healing, no matter what disease needs to be cured. Because of our work, even, surgery often becomes unnecessary!

Anne Hübner
Zentrum für Geistiges Heilen
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The creation of the Divine Order is much more than just straightening the pelvis and spine:

   It is a quantum leap into a new dimension of energetic bioinfluence and, most important, help in any trouble!
   It enables interdimensional brain functions to transmit healing information.
   It leads to a change in the cell structure, with the help of which the brain processes and body functions are redirected.
   The transformation and renewal of the genetic code and matrix of life in man (self- preservation) determines bioinfluence.

No matter what symptom needs to be cured, the physical body needs new cellular information as an impulse to self-healing, to mental powers, which are the primal force of supreme consciousness, to the power of life, and the power of survival inherent in every living thing. The Divine Spirit of good, its boundless will to love, invariably aims for the well-being and perfection of all beings in all universes!

The time has come when everyone realizes that it can heal himself! To create this foundation it is necessary to experience the all-encompassing visible and demonstrable energetic bioinfluence performed by the divine straightening. Then HE lives in you!

Most blockages that stop the free flow of life energy occur in and along the spinal cord. These blockages are the source of chaotic energies that affect the body chemistry and which radiate into the body's organs causing the most serious illnesses and suffering. Healing on all levels through the intention of the will to heal! The Energеtic Straightening happens within in seconds - without touching the body. It works solely through the power of the "Intelligent Divine Spirit"! The creation of the Divine Order is the liberation of primal blocks from all having-been-on-earth times (former lives) here on planet Earth! Come and see!

Anne Huebner is the director of the original "Straightening Healer School," the first center for Divine Spine Straightening.

In her healing school, she trains students and Tanja Aeckersberg to be successful, energetic, straightening healers. She leads each student to the goal of his heart's desires when the yearning of his soul strives for fulfillment. To be a miracle worker and to become able to produce visible and provable changes is the highest goal a human being can achieve.

With Anne´s vast experience of healing hundreds of people and educating ten healer students who perform exceptionally successful energetic work, she is at the forefront of those who have devoted themselves to energetic healing with all their senses. Through her activity in holistic healing, Anne has been contributing for years to the fact that energetic healing can be practiced today as an acknowledged profession.

People from all over the world with disease symptoms of any kind visit Anne's "energetic bioinfluence" treatments, looking for healing. Find the regenerative power inherent in each human can´t anywhere else as in this energetic work. Spine healing always comes first! Through Anne's bio abilities, she can analyze why people become ill and give them a new program for a burden-free life.

For Anne Huebner, spine distortions, spinal disc herniation, a shifted pelvis, and scoliosis are curable!

In addition to a presentation of this energetic method in this book, the healer and alternative practitioner Tanja Aeckersberg provides her current knowledge about the energetic treatment of the spine. Unique findings about the complex bio contexts of energy and body are accessible to the reader. Disturbances that develop if a human doesn´t align with the divine order can be dissolved by performing “knowing exercises” described in this book, which cause an energetic harmonization. The point is to revive the urge to be healed in every body cell. Join and witness the adventure of being truly healed !!!

Tanja Aeckersberg  was born in Wiesbaden in 1969 as a premature baby of 7 months. A strong spinal curvature led her to the topics of health and healing during childhood. 

After finishing secondary school, Tanja completed training as a medical assistant and MKA. In 1990 she trained as a physiotherapist and received her diploma in 1992. Open to new therapies, she specialized in orthopedics and psychosomatic medicine, leading spinal and scoliosis groups and educating therapists to share the experience of her concern because she had long recognized that there were very limited healing options for spine problems. 

During this time, Tanja constantly looked for improvements. She, therefore, completed numerous additional training courses, including manual therapy, chiropractic therapy, reflexology therapy, back school instructor, Feldenkrais method, water and exercise therapy, and a two-year training to become a Shiatsu therapist. This was followed by various training in alternative healing techniques, including gemstone and Bach flower therapy and natural nutrition, which led to a fantastic improvement in their overall well-being. Nevertheless, in 1994, a severe herniated disc occurred, whose operation failed, tied her to bed for many years, and led to a long ordeal. Despite the severity of her illness, she continued to train as a naturopath and got her state permission in 1997. But there was more to be expected! 

She continued her education in various alternative methods, including perceptual and memory development, and learned psychometrics. All this led to a significant expansion of consciousness. The subsequent contact with the Divine Reiki (universal life energy) brought her very close to the goal of her desires: energetic bioinfluence. 

In 1996, Tanja completed Reiki training with master's and teacher's degrees to pass on this divine help to the people. Continuing on the path of energetic bioinfluence, she obtained a diploma in Integral Parapsychology in 1998 after three years of training. Subsequently, from 2002 to 2004, she completed healer training with Horst Krohne, Anne Huebner, and Pjotr ​​Elkunoviz, which got her closer to her calling to bring real help and healing to people and their profession. 

The energetic pelvis correction by Divine Spine Straightening made a significant contribution. At her request, she was trained by Anne and Pjotr to become a Spine Straightening therapist in 2003, and Anne initiated her into energetic changes (filtering, transformation, and radiation). Since 2003, Tanja has also been a co-speaker of these seminars, contributing orthopedic expertise and physiotherapeutic skills. After that, she was specially initiated by Anne. Tanja can permanently straighten the oblique pelvis, the different leg lengths, and the crooked spine in seconds with the power of the intelligent mind without touching the people as the culmination of her abilities in serving her fellow man and his holistic healing. 

The tireless efforts to help other people also prevailed in other areas. In 2001 Tanja became well-known as a game author of her mind-expanding health and educational games and in 2002 as a book author ("Thought Diet"). Her work was rewarded by several decorations, which stresses her extraordinary, future-oriented help and the fact that Tanja´s work is an essential companion for the people. 

In 2006, Tanja also published her successful and later awarded book "Spiritual Back School", which has already been translated into many languages. In 2014, her book “The 8th Sense – Key to the Expansion of Consciousness and Self-Healing” was published. Another highlight of her life was the blessing of Pope Francis in Rome in 2015. 

Tanja also gives lectures and workshops for her books. 

It shows that you can learn the energetic bioinfluence; in her opinion, everyone should do this.