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Heide Trautwein

Born on May 11, 1946 in Schiltach, Baden Württemberg, Germany

I am married, have 3 children and 7 grand children.
My family is very important to me.
My husband's family has been tanning for 350 years.
Since 1970, I have built up an additional successful company with my family.
We have a retail store for clothing, leather, fashion and traditional clothes, which I enjoyed running.
We passed the business on to our children 10 years ago, but we are still very connected.

How did I gett the health profession?

At the age of 30 I started to deal with alternative medicine.
At that time I was not in a good condition and got help in this way. I opened my self to the connections and different methods.
I had direct access to energetic healing in 2013, when my husband was seriously ill in the hospital and was depended with oxygen.
I asked a naturopath and bio healer Drossinakis for help. My husband spontaneously felt better about remote healing, he no longer needed oxygen.
A few months later we had personal contact with Christos Drossinakis, who invited me to his school.

From 2014 to 2020 I attended the seminars of Christos Drossinakis and now have 5 years of training for spiritual healing. I do my daily meditations.

During this time, I was constantly testing of:
Prof. Ignat Ignatov;
Prof. Konstantin Korotkov;
Prof. Andrei Lee Gendinovich;
Prof. Ignat Ignatov has accompanied me for many years with training tasks and additional remote tests.

I noticed that my energy level improved from year to year, I saw and felt more and more.

Result with research of color aura of man before and after bio influence with Method for Color Coronal Spectral Analysis of Prof. Ignatov

Heide Trautwein

Heide Trautwein

My practice today:
To feel the illnesses, blockages, traumas of my clients in meetings or by telephone and to solve them together.
The resolutions bring personality development, enjoyment of life, life energy. I try to balance people with love.