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Alexander Kundos and Irina Mitrofanova apply a unique methodology for health and longevity

Alexander Kundos
Alexander Kundos

The human body is a wonderful creation of nature, a biological resource, which, scientists say, can live for more than 100 years. According to Prof. Ignatov, in the methods for health improvement, the impact needs to be integrated at a molecular and cellular level, as well as in organs and systems. The application of only one method leads to partial results. The results of the scientific and practical project “Nature, Ecology, Longevity” show that health and longevity are a balance between various factors – quality food, clean water, exercise, a positive attitude towards nature and people, normal body weight. The body only needs a little help in its attempts to restore its previous state when organs and systems have performed their functions properly. This is a return to the original state of health or condition of youth.

Alexander Kundos and Irina Mitrofanova apply an integrated approach to health and active longevity, which gives good and excellent results.

Practical concept for health and longevity of Kundos and Mitrofanova:

Maintaining the health of the organism by:

– Drinking mountain and activated/ionized water;
– Balanced diet;
– Maintaining an active lifestyle;
– Relieving the nervous system and accumulated stress as well as muscle tension;
– Cleansing the body of accumulated toxins, viruses and parasites that penetrate our body every day through contaminated water, air and food;
– Improving blood circulation and lymph flow;
– Strengthening the immune system and other systems of the body;
– Activating and harmonizing the functions of organs and systems of the body as a whole.

Methods of Alexander Kundos and Irina Mitrofanova

Methods on molecular and cellular level with improvements in organs and systems

They use water with the “Emerald” technology for “activated” and ionized water – anolyte and catholyte, which, consistent with biomedical evidence, has the following effects:

- Increases immunity;
- Strengthens and tones the body;
- Improves metabolism;
- Beneficial effect on organs and systems of the human body;
- Accelerates the removal of toxins from the body;
- Normalizes energy balance and flow of life processes;
- Increases vitality and is used for relieving fatigue and stress;
- Prevents and reduces the intensity of allergic reactions and dermatitis;
- Accelerates wound healing and promotes the absorption of stitches in the postoperative period;
- Improves the release of deposits of salt from the body and reduces bone and joint pain;
- The functioning of cellular membranes and slowing down the process of wear of the human body;
- Used for skin and haircare;
- Successfully used in cosmetics and dietetics;
- Used in health facilities for the prevention and treatment of common illnesses: salmonella, dysentery, seborrhea, eczema, cervical erosion, peptic ulcer, stomatitis, viral hepatitis, chronic bronchitis, dermatitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, nephrological diseases.

Methods on organ and system level

- Reflexology – impact by applying pressure on biologically active points – one of the main methods of Tibetan medicine;
- Moxa therapy – treatment by warming biologically active points;
- Vacuum therapy from Tibet – involves placing static and sliding cups;
- Chinese traditional body massage;
- Recovery of the disturbed stream of “vital” energy by influencing muscles and tendons. Influence on acupuncture points, which are associated with the viscera.

Alexander Kundos and Irina Mitrofanova apply their methodology in natural places so that their clients can restore their health amidst pure nature and air, with good food and various possibilities for physical activity.

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