Paul N. Kleindienst - Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB)

Paul N. Kleindienst

Life is energy – and we all carry life energy within us – waiting to be used!

ECP Consulting offers you:

Energy activation

Energy healing practitioners put people back in touch with energy, identify and release energy blocks, activate the body’s natural self-healing forces and restore balance. Energy healing practitioners help their clients to find physical and energetic balance, and to maintain an energetic equilibrium.

Energy healing practitioners help their clients to achieve harmonisation of life energies. Although their work is highly varied, all energy healing practitioners have one thing in common: their focus on the human being.

One-to-one coaching

Head for new horizons – and be sure of reaching them!
One-to-one coaching is an opportunity to deal with problems and concerns in detail. You are sure to make many discoveries, identifying factors which have long prevented further personal growth. There will be time to think about new perspectives and solutions. A one-to-one consultation will open the door to solutions, greater awareness, character development, creativity, vitality and success.


Supervision is similar to coaching in the way it works. That aside, supervision should be thought of essentially as coaching for coaches. Goal-oriented and process-related, it is tailored to existing and future challenges. It opens up scope for action and extends skills.

Mental training

We can change our life through the way we think.
The latest findings in the field of brain research show that the brain’s neuroplasticity (neurobiological basis for the plasticity of the nervous system) permits astonishing flexibility. Somewhat paradoxically, however, the brain is also influenced by what we think about on a daily basis. This is why it is so important to understand the positive and negative repercussions on our brain, for this is an area of great potential – mental training plays an important role in developing the ability to change our brain through will power

Our brain generates thought, but the power of what we think makes us what we are.


Meditation helps to counteract stress, a trigger for illness. Meditation is an effective way of harnessing the power of the spirit. It is an excellent means of improving the quality of the way we cope with life. The goal of meditation is quiet or inner emptiness, a state in which thought no longer distracts us, we experience concentration and clarity, a feeling of oneness with the whole. Let your thoughts come and go as they will. Soon, you will find that your spirit grows quiet all by itself. Some people meditate to escape the brutality of the world. That is not meditation, but rather a misconception in that meditation becomes a substitute drug.

Mentally fit into old age - Secrets of Longevity

People don`t grow old. When they stop growing, they become old! (unknown author)

Elderly people frequently explain their longevity in terms of an ability to let go. They refuse to cling to experiences which are of no further benefit to them. They let go and move on.

Staying young – re-discovering one’s own youth

Pause in activity, experience deep relaxation

Healthy diet

Active and fit



Love – the most important thing in life

A cheerful disposition

A healthy lifestyle with as much Prana as possible (most subtle form of biological energy) requires the following:


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Paul N. Kleindienst born in 1944, gave up a business career in 2008 to devote himself to new challenges, including a long-held desire to help people in their everyday lives. Various experiences, events which had a profound effect on his life and a chance meeting, prompted him to become involved in energy work, consultation services and a holistic approach to helping people find pleasure in their everyday existence and an appreciation for life in the here and now.