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Annelies Nijman

Annelies Nijman-Keijzer
Spiritual Master
Spiritual Realignment Therapist

Annelies Nijman-Keijzer
Korengracht 1
3262CD Oud-Beijerland
The Netherlands
Instagram: ways.of.healing

Ways of Healing

My life

Born in Oud-Beijerland in the Netherlands, 16 December 1956. In my childhood I was already highly sensitive and this provided me with the opportunity to develop a different perception to see what other people could not see. I wasn’t aware that my voice could have such a big effect. I told stories, I spoke to and prayed with people and I noticed that it comforted people and that they were raised up. It was a natural gift. I had a great childhood and was raised in a loving family. The affection, the trust in God and the love could not have been greater. My parents are a big example to me. In my life I met people, who had mental and physical problems. I prayed with them and laid my hands on them. I became more aware that words had an effect on people, but also with my hands I could send impulses and create a stream so that long distance healing became possible. The selfhealing power was activated. Healing happens in the here and now, everything is possible.

The transformation

End of 2010 I had an accident and had dystrophy. I could no longer work and read a lot about spiritual healing. I went to a healer and the dystrophy disappeared. I became more centered
and my selfhealing powers were activated. My health was restored. Over the years through seminars and trainings in The Netherlands, Austria and Germany I learned how to strengthen my selfhealing powers and to be aware of the causes for suffering. It was a new beginning with like-minded people. Everything I learned, felt like remembering and a homecoming.

Vocation, passion

Nowadays it’s my vocation and passion to help people in their way towards more zest for life and a fulfilled life. In my work I would like to help people activate and strengthen their
selfhealing powers. To gain self-confidence, to be clear about their goals and above all to be able to shape one’s own life. Forgiveness and reconciliation, healing prayers. People will be freed from suffering both mentally and physically. They will be relieved and enlightened.The power of the word and prayer are a mercy for the people. Spontaneous healing is possible. People could find and go their own path through life and many people regained their self-confidence and their trust. I love to listen to classical music and I am an open human being. I love to be in nature and a
holiday in the mountains gives power and peace. I am open to discover new things and to learn from other people’s experiences.

My schooling/training

Study Primary School Teacher
Study Teacher of Dutch as a second language
Bachelor theology

Spiritual seminars with Dr. Diethard Stelzl, Ferndorf, Austria                                                                                                  

Training, Healing therapist Josef Fattinger, Gschwandt, Austria

Training Massage, Sandra Merkle, Senden, Germany

Seminars with Pjotr Elkunoviz, Berlin, Germany

Training and seminars with Anne Hübner and Tanja Aeckersberg at Center for Spiritual Healing and the spiritual spine alignment in Roth, Germany

Registered Member of

Member of

It’s a pleasure to have my abilities tested by Professor Ignat Ignatov of the Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics.

My method

My method is an all-encompassing healing on all levels. Inner healing powers are activated and strengthened. My method gives clarity and easiness, change and transformation. Holistic healing
is a gift which I use with love for the people. Every person is of value and is treated with respect. Illness is a disorder, a disharmony on a physical, mental and emotional level. I see what it has done to them, mentally, emotionally and physically. To find the cause is the first step towards healing. Beliefs, convictions and thought patterns will have to be overcome. The goal is the restoration of harmony. When I bless, then I do this from the heart. I speak words filled with divine love. The sound and vibration come from the heart and through my mouth as words, but these words are charged with divine love. It is light that penetrates every living cell and transforms them. That light has power but it is not a human power but it has the divine frequency of love. The sound and the power of the words form a symphony. It penetrates people and dissolves blockages. Space and time disappear, there is no more distance. Everything changes in one second. It’s like a laserbeam. It’s the impulse of the transformation. Healing happens and the people are raised up.

Development through experience

All my life experiences, knowing about the spiritual laws and especially my faith in the Source of all life have made it possible for me to do my healing work.

The Healingcurrent

An impulse towards healing and realignment by speaking words with intention. The spine is our main channel and it is realigned in the divine order. In this way our life force can freely flow again. The soul is freed from burdens of the past and harmony arises. Healing happens on a physical, mental and emotional level. Harmony is established in body and soul as the person is truly realigned. They can redesign their lives and live authentically and to their full potential. The inner healing forces are activated. The physical, mental and spiritual malfunctions are solved so that the healing process can find its way. I treat every person individually and tailored to suit his or her needs.


I can help and advise people with spiritual, mental and physical problems. When this is in harmony, then a new life in joy, easiness and love can begin. Several life themes

I treat every person individually and suited to your needs.

Massage with coaching

This form of massage connects the element of deep relaxation, the bodily effect through massage impulses, the intention of change and the power of our heart. It’s all about intentional touch and its healing effect. It’s a transformation from lower energies towards higher energies. Information and intentions can be transferred and transformed. For the transformation massage I use a combination of heartenergy, relaxation, touch and clear intentions. The old patterns that are stored in our bodies, are changed or replaced by other, new and useful information. Issues can be solved. I send love and light through my hands connected to my heart. In this way a change and transformation occurs. With intentional touch all issues can be transformed. Sometimes there are issues that need a second treatment before they are released.
There is always a right method, that can be a talk, a coaching or a massage, the right method to aid the healing exists.

Only love counts. Who has love, can move the world.
Every human being carries the doctor within himself
The best medicine for man is man
The highest degree of this medicine is love