The Dance of the Spiral of Don Krastev is a Unique Method for Health, Longevity, Self- Knowledge and Knowledge of the World
Prof. Ignat Ignatov
Doncho Krastev
Don Krastev

If there are people who make a bridge between Eastern and Western medicine, between energy and matter, between the positive and the negative as a balance, one of them is the Bulgarian Don Krastev. He is the phenomenon who created and taught the Spiral Dance. Movements in the throes of energy and motions creating an energy vortex that is the feeling of the dance. The dance leads to a balance so necessary for health and longevity. It leads to increased feelings of nature, light, energy and life. The DNA helix is an expression of life and the macro helix of the Spiral Dance transfers from macro or cosmic level fine “vital” energy at micro or molecular level into the body. Who is Don Krastev? Young as a physical body, but old in spirit. He alternates spontaneity and impulsiveness with wisdom and humility. He makes fast, even surprising decisions, but this is typical for people with a natural gift and extraordinary talent. Poems of Don have been turned into songs by the Bulgarian stars Nellina and Anelia.

Don Krastev is a Bachelor of veterinary and official medicine. He is a Kung Fu instructor. Thousands have passed through his school. The Spiral Dance is included in the scientific and practical project “Nature, Ecology, Longevity” of the Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics.

One big name in Switzerland, who fascinated Stella Stoykova who interviewed him, as well as the whole team of Mira Dobreva, is Eng. Enrico Bauer. He has a studio Lichtgang in Zurich with Tibetan singing bowls and applies the best alternative methodics in the world. He says: “When I saw Don, I realized that he was a true Master. True as kindness and thoroughness. The spiral dance is universal, as cosmos is universal.” Dr. Pascal Boezinger from France recounts: “I came tired from France. Clean air and water in Teteven gave me vitality. The spiral dance gave me a sense of power and force, which every modern man needs as prevention of various diseases.”

The nurse of Colombian origin Marlen Vincere Robayo is sincere in her words: “What Don does with his spiral dance is reminiscent of Indian traditions and is applicable to any modern man.” Prof. Stoil Karadzhov, who is a doctor of veterinary medicine, says about his colleague: “The spiral dance gives a natural sense of balance. It inspires man and provides him with inner strength.”

Don Krastev says: “I have been practicing human medicine for 15 years, and I have been applying alternative methods of treatment for over 20 years now. For a quarter of a century I have been practicing martial arts and Eastern philosophical concepts. On this theoretical and practical basis of information and experience, while in meditation, I created the spiral dance. It helps people to adapt better to changes in planetary and social plan, to be healthy and to improve their relationships. Moreover, many practitioners observed the unlocking of their creative potential in certain areas, the unlocking of bio-information and healing qualities. Man becomes aware that he is the artist of his life, he comes out of the inertia. The will and the mental qualities of the individual are strengthened, for example, a person can cause certain events through the power of thought. Those who practice the spiral dance feel cheerful, purified, full of energy. Some chronic diseases and blockages disappear. The musculoskeletal system of the practitioners becomes adjusted. When I heal, I successfully use the methodology for bioinfluence to correct various problems with the spine and joints, to release and purify the energy flow in the body. The chakras – the energy centers of the organism – are successfully purified and activated. I also use the spiral dance for the diagnosis of various diseases, to detect and remove their causes; also as a consultative method in various life problems and ways to solve them.

The effectiveness of the methodology is supported by a number of scientific experiments, the most significant being the Color Coronal Spectral Discharge (Ignatov, 2007), which has demonstrated the excellent bio-information qualities of Krastev and the unique impact of his author methodology. Thousands of people already know about it. The spiral dance has been presented in cities in Bulgaria, at international seminars and conferences, it has numerous fans worldwide, and the interest toward it continues to grow.

As an illustration of the effectiveness of the method, we enclose several reviews of people who have started to actively practice the spiral dance after treatment, and are now in good health and family harmony.

Doncho Krastev

Penko Penkov, landscape architect, in charge of the Dendrological collection of the Botanical Garden at the BAS says: “When I met Don in 2012, at the Days of Mountain Water and Healing Tourism in Teteven, I was having a severe life crisis. I had met and formed an alliance with friends who after 12 years had benefited from my work and had finally become my bosses. I was left without a family, a shattered life, a shattered psyche, and they also took everything I have done so far. The question that I asked him then was: “Why invest five times more work for triple smaller results?” The answer, which was obtained by the spiral was that I must be balanced.”

“At first, after reviewing the book of Don “The Spiral Dance“, I decided that this was not for me. Two years have passed since then. I tried many things. I went through Sahaja Yoga, Quantum synchronization, Reiki. I came back again to the spiral dance, but now more aware and informed, with more experience. I met many friends who helped me to overcome the difficulties in my way. After I took the spiral dance course I started doing the exercises alone. Since then my life has changed. The whole feeling is that everything I had learned and understood, is arranged and supplemented in a puzzle. I started to feel the joy of life and look with hope to the future, and not with fear.”

“My name is Veselka Valkova, I’m 45 years old, from Sofia. Four years ago, when I met Don Krastev, I had fallen into a severe depression. On top of that I was diagnosed with a disease of the reproductive system, which necessitated a surgical intervention, but the problems persisted. I am genuinely grateful to Don that he initiated with my treatment with his methodology. After about two weeks my health status improved. I felt much better, and then after I started doing the exercises of the spiral dance, I felt great, full of strength and joy of life, became more flexible, my locomotor system improved. My life changed radically. I am now more balanced, more vibrant. I found the man I love and now live together with him. I grew younger. My daughter had asthma as a child, and so far only Chinese medicine has eased her symptoms. Don Krastev processed water according to his method, for my daughter to drink. Gradually for about half a year, her symptoms resolved and now my daughter feels great. I have already felt its power and I’m regularly practicing the spiral dance.”