Hotel Zdravetz”

Eco Hotel “Zdravetz” is in the Zone of Health,
Longevity and Rhodope Traditions

The Mountain Melt Water of Eco Hotel “Zdravetz” is Similar in Composition and Properties to the Water of the Rosenlaui Glacier in the Swiss Alps

Eco Hotel “Zdravetz” is located 20 km from Plovdiv, at the foot of the majestic Rhodope Mountains, at 1300 m altitude. This is the zone of centenarians, as the oldest resident of Tzar Kaloyan village has lived until the age of 104. Further down the hilly villages of the Kuklen municipality, the oldest inhabitant is 96 years old. Comfortably nestled among centuries-old coniferous forests and meadows, Eco Hotel “Zdravetz” combines unique natural conditions, homemade food from its own farm, and attractions – recreation center with indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam bath, solarium, gym, relaxation procedures and programs, its own ski area, hunting trips and horse riding in the mountains.

Guests are impressed by the quality of the food. The milk, the cheese, the yellow cheese, and the meat come from the hotel's own farm. The bread is baked in a bakery, the taste of the lyutenitza, the kyopolou, and the salads reminds us of home and are part of the Rhodope way of life.

The results of the scientific and practical project „Nature, Ecology, Longevity“ authored by Prof. Ignat Ignatov demonstrate that health and longevity are a balance between different factors – quality food, clean water, exercise, a positive attitude towards nature and people, normal body weight.

Eco Hotel “Zdravetz”, Rhodopes
Eco Hotel “Zdravetz”, Rhodopes

Every visitor can feel the elixir of fresh mountain air and mountain water, and to walk with pleasure in the coniferous forests with views of the Thracian valley and the Balkans. Nearby is located the holy spring of the monastery “St. Cosmas and Damian” Above the monastery is the “St. Petka” chapel with healing spring water, which, according to locals, treats eye diseases.

Kuklen municipality, in which Eco Hotel “Zdravetz” is located, is known for its cherries. They are also ornamental trees on the town streets.

Traveling to the hotel offers a view to beautiful landscapes and guests arrive at a cozy place with a sense of harmony and majesty.

With the support of Eco Hotel “Zdravetz”, Prof. Ignat Ignatov explores factors for health and longevity in the area of the Eco Hotel.

In June 2015 Prof. Ignatov and Ass. Prof. Mosin published in the American scientific journal Advances in Physics Theories and Applications article on the optimal composition of water for health and longevity, and information on the unique water of Eco Hotel “Zdravetz”.

The chemical composition and antioxidant properties of the mountain water is one of the factors thanks to which many people from the area of the Eco Hotel live beyond the age of ninety.

Scientific evidence shows that the defrosted mountain water of Eco Hotel “Zdravetz” is similar in composition and properties to the water of the Rosenlaui glacier in the Swiss Alps. Besides the chemical composition, one of the secrets of the defrosted water is that, during defrosting, water molecules are restructured with more energy, which arranges them in groups – clusters. This also answers the mystery of the larger number of centenarians in mountainous areas.

Eco Hotel “Zdravetz” spring and Rosenlaui glacier in the Swiss Alps
Spectral analysis – antioxidant effect
Prof. Ignat Ignatov

Springs Eco Hotel “Zdravetz” Rosenlaui Glacier
Name of indicator Test results
Test results
Sodium (Na) 7.6 0.53
Calcium (Ca) 3.5 8.7
Magnesium (Mg) 0.63 0.6
Iron (Fe) 0.007 0.007
Manganese (Mn) 0.002 0.0023
Zinc (Zn) 0.007 0.009
Sulphates (SО4) 26.8 8.4
Chlorides (Cl) 3.00 < 1.0
Carbonates (CО3) < 2.0 < 2.0
Hydrocarbons (HCО3) 21.3 36.0
Other quantities Result Result
Active reaction (pH) 5.93 normal 7.31 alkaline
Electric conductivity 114.2 µS/cm 82.3 µS/cm
Hardness of water < 1.4 dH soft water < 1.4 dH soft water

*Composition – accredited laboratory Eurotest Control EAD

Prof. Ignatov
Prof. Ignatov. Expedition together with
Eng. Enrico Bauer. Rosenlaui glacier,
Swiss Alps