Energy Biomedicine

Prof. Ignat Ignatov
2005, Sofia, Bulgaria
2006, Moscow, Russia

Prof. Ignat Ignatov, Energy Biomedicine, Gea-Libris Publishing house
Reviewer: Prof. Stanislav Zenin, DPhSc (biology), PhD (chemistry), PhD (philosophy), Russia

Energy Biomedicine

Тhe book “Energy Biomedicine” is published in Bulgarian, Russian, English and German.


Prof. Marinov's opinion of the book "Energy Biomedicine"

Drossinakis, Prof. Ignatov, Prof. Antonov, Prof. Marinov (October 2001, Sofia)
Drossinakis, Prof. Ignatov,
Prof. Antonov, Prof. Marinov
(October 2001, Sofia)

"Energy Biomedicine" contains way too many valued contributions.

  1. The medical effect in the treatment of eye diseases has been proved objectively. Ignatov has assumed the most accurate and objective approach. Before and after biotreatment the eye status is examined by a physician-ophthalmologist.
  2. In the evaluation of the abilities of bio healers water is used as a "detector" of biophysical fields for the first time (Ignatov, Antonov, Galabova, 1998).

It is also worth noting that Ignatov's book excludes all elements of partiality. The results are on the grounds of the achievements of modern science. The effect of the weak energy flows in "give" and "take" mode is proved on the grounds of biophysics. The obtained evidence is fundamental in modern science for the substantiation of the bearer of biophysical information.


Dr. Harald Wiesendanger's opinion of the book "Energy Biomedicine"

Water research, as well as the study of so-called "Kirlian" effects, are two of the most promising ways towards a physical theory of mental healing, towards developing a methodics of testing people who claim to be able to influence biological processes by pure intention. Ignat Ignatov?s "Energy Biomedicine" summarizes the pioneer research which he and other Bulgarian scientists have done in these border areas of science. I recommend it to every skeptic in search of "hard facts".


Dr. Daniel J. Benor's opinion of the book "Energy Biomedicine"

I am pleased to see that Ignat Ignatov has found eye problems that respond to healing.

My experience has been that different healers, using different methodics and having different natural gifts may achieve different results with the same problems, sometimes with the same patients.


Daniel J. Benor, MD
International Journal of Healing and Caring - On line


Ass. Prof. Hendrik Treugut MD opinion of the book "Energy Biomedicine" DGEIM

This is my opinion about your book "Energy Biomedicne"

In times of increasing and different enviromental load there is growing understanding of the meaning of water, the main component of the body and the main structure not only in biochemical, but also in energetic and informational processes.

The importance of water research like yours cannot be overestimated. This is the physical as well as biological base of the medicine of the future. All new medical methods that are summerized under the name of energy medicine include the effect on the body water, so every effort in researching in this field is a signifikant step forward towards improving general health. I admire your effort in this work and I?m shure that it will get the importance it has gained.

Ass. Prof. Hendrik Treugut MD,
President of the German Society of Energy and Information Medicine


Prof. Acad. Alexander Dubrov PhD opinion of the book "Energy Biomedicine"

Ignat Ignatov
Energy Biomedicine

The book of the famous Bulgarian scientist Ignat Ignatov, Head of the Scientific and Research Center of Medical Biophysics (Sofia) is a valuable contribution to the modern biomedical science and practice. This book is a logical sequel to his previous work together with Prof. A. Antonov and T. Galabova "Medical Biophysics - Biophysical Fields of Man", Sofia, Gea-Libris Ltd., 1998.

The book describes on a high scientific and methodical level the possible molecular-cellular physical mechanisms of the mental influence of man on the patient and the environment, based on the biophysical fields.

It is of remarkable importance to present the work of this progressive Bulgarian scientist to the international public. I completely support the publishing of the book of the biophysicist Ignat Ignatov in German and English language.


Energy Biomedicine in US journal

Frontier Perspectives, Volume 14, Number 1, page44, Summer 2005, Philadelphia,USA
The Center for Frontier Sciences

Ignatov, Ignat Ivanov,2005.
Energy Biomedicine
Sofia,Bulgaria: Gea-Libris Ltd.
Publishing House

It has been acknowledged that in the case of energy influence on the human organism, the therapist determines his methodic of biotreatment depending etiology. How and to what extent some people can influence the living processes in the human organism is a question, which has always interested scientists.

Valuable medical results are achieved in the practical work of biotherapists; however, it is often difficult to explain these results with conventional medical analysis only. In the book, Energy Biomedicine, the author shows us how scientists from different spheres of human knowledge - biophysics, biochemistry and biology - are beginning to provide evidence that biotherpists can influence model systems.