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Dr. Igor Akszjonovics MD – author of the unique biogenerator ABIEM

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Dr Igor Akszjonovics, ABIEM Device

Igor Vasielivich Akszjonovics was born on October 28, 1950 in a family of a military man in Berlin.

In 1970 he enrolled at the Novosibirsk State Medical Institute. During his studies at the Institute he took an active part in a scientific students' club. The club was in Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (NIITO) under the guidance of Prof. Y. Civyan. The Russian Professor is one of the founders of vertebrology – a science for vertebral column. While being a student Igor Akszjonovics started his independent scientific research work. He operated on the locomotor system, and mostly on vertebral column. He was also doing research work and conservative treatment of patients with orthopaedic-traumatic conditions. In 1984 he defended his PhD thesis with subject “The mechanical origin of experimental scoliosis”. The research work in the dissertation was of clinical and experimental nature. The thesis dealt with the theoretic issues of spine biomechanics in children’s growth. Part of the research work was carried out in cooperation with Department of structural resistance at the Novosibirsk State Electrotechnical Institute. Physical experiments were conducted and was developed a theory for 44 spine deformations. The thesis also presented an experimental project of implanting a multichannel electric stimulator for the treatment of different diseases and injuries of the spine, as well as different ways of implementing it. Based on materials of the PhD thesis a monograph was published: Civyan, Akszjonovics I.V."The mechanical origin of experimental scoliosis"(1987).

During his 16 years of work in NIITO clinic I.V. Akszjonovics has 10 patents for inventions that were published in more than 30 scientific articles. Dr Akszjonovics created three scientific motion picture films in traumatology and orthopaedics. These films received awards at the International cinema festival of orthopaedics and traumatology held in Riga in 1984-1985.

Dr Akszjonovics was awarded a medal at Exhibition for achievements of People’s economy for developing a method and a treatment device for healing of spine deformations and a mathematical model. He was awarded with a diploma from The United Medical-Technical society for developments of technical devices for treatments of vertebral column conditions. Since 1988 he has been living and working in Hungary. And he also has his practice in Germany.

He participates with reports at international science conferences and cooperates with different international scientific research centres.

Dr Akszjonovics is a member of the Scientific Council at International research centre in medical biophysics with Director Prof. Ignat Ignatov.

The Russian doctor has European patents for his original device ABIEM.

ABIEM Method

It is a method for examination and correction of the energy and information in human biofield.

Using the apparatus ABIEM is aimed at preventing and treatment of different pathological conditions.

ABIEM– Akszjonovics Device to Transfer Biological

Energy into Biomechanical Energy, International patent

WO/2006/070213 – generator of bioinformational and biomechanical impact.

ABIEM transforms the “negative” energy of the sick person into positive and normalizes the life vitality of the body. Using the given construction we can have synchronization and structure of the bio-flows.

ABIEM device belongs to the bioinformational generators. It is a complex geometric construction and there are certain specifics during its application (know-how).

ABIEM acts as a protective screen from the surrounding electromagnetic fields. It has a beneficial influence over the structure of water and air.

Prof. Ignatov’s Method for Color Coronal Spectral Analysis

Color coronal glow of tap water
(Prof. Ignatov)

Color coronal glow of water activated with ABIEM
(Prof. Ignatov)

Contact: Dr Igor Akszjonovics e-mail: akszbioem@mail.ru

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