Product of LavaVitae BOOST is Increasing of Energy of Hydrogen Bonds among Water Molecules in Human Body

Ignat Ignatov


We studied the mathematical model of interaction with water of BOOST of LavaVitae company (Austria). In this report are submitted data about the interaction of BOOST with water, obtained by non-equilibrium (NES) and differential-equilibrium energy spectrum (DNES) of water. The average energy (∆EH... O) of hydrogen Н…O-bonds among individual molecules H2O after treatment of BOOST with water measured by NES- and DNES-methods is ∆E=-0.0114±0.0011 eV. This result suggests the restructuring of ∆EH... O values among H2O molecules with a statistically reliable increase of local extremums in DNES-spectra. The research is performed for BOOST, with study of pH and oxidative reduction potential (ORP). There is review of the effects of the chemical composition of BOOST – anti-inflammatory, energetic, stimulating etc. With methods NES we show the following effects – improvement of nervous conductivity and anti-inflammatory effect. This article deals with the review of the basic biophysical-biochemical and biological processes underlying the BOOST by LavaVitae company. The authors are studying their physical-chemical properties and biophysical and biological effects on human organism.

Keywords: BOOST, anti-inflammatory, improvement conductivity of nervous system, mathematical model, NES, DNES.

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