Spectral analyses of fresh and dry Hypericum perforatumL. Effects with colloidal nano silver 30 ppm

Ignat Ignatov, Teodora P. Popova, Ralitsa Bankova, Nikolai Neshev


Spectral analyses of 1% water extracts of fresh and dryHypericum perfora-tumL. and 1% dry H. perforatum with colloidal nano silver (NSPs) 30 ppm were conducted. The nano silver is standardised and patented by the Swiss company Evodrop. Non-equliblrium energy spectrum (NES) and Differential non-equliblrium energy spectrum (DNES) methods were used for the spec-tral analysis.A comparative analysis of 1% extracts of fresh and dry H. perfo-ratum was performed in order to determine the local extremums for effects of nerve tissue conductivity at (-0.1112) eV, anti-inflammatory (-0.1212) eV, anti-tumor effects (-0.1387) eV.The results showed stimulating effect on the nervous system and improvement of nerve conduction (local extremums E=-0.1112 eV)(λ=11.15 μm) (ṽ=897 cm-1), as well as anti-inflammatory effect (E = -0.1212 eV)( λ=10.23 μm) (ṽ=978 cm-1) and inhibition of development of tumor cells at a molecular level (E=-0.1387 eV) (λ=8.95 μm) (ṽ=1117 cm-1). It was found that clusters of 16 and 15 water molecules are formed in the wa-ter herbal extracts of fresh H. perforatum and of dry H. perforatum with AgNPs 30 ppm. The fresh plant showed better results then the dry one. The addition of colloidal nano silver 30 ppm led to better results of the drug.

Keywords: Hypericum perforatum, colloidal nano silver, anti-inflammatory action, NES, DNES

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